Hi! My name is Jason Hubbard, and I’m a physical therapist and martial artist currently based in sunny Southern California. This blog is dedicated primarily to the intersection of combat sports and our current understanding of the science of performance, rehab, and human movement. Subsequently, you’ll find a variety of topics covered here, from specific techniques and exercises to general training principles to informal literature reviews.

As for my background, I have earned a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Western University of Health Sciences, and am residency-trained in orthopedics. My day job involves helping patients with a wide variety of injuries and issues, including post-surgical rehabilitation and athletic injuries. Ultimately, my approach to rehab echoes the strong points of good performance programming – establishing a solid base of movement and tissue capacity, then building on that to form a more resilient human being. Presently, I also moonlight at a couple of Crossfit gyms, trying to keep these athletes as healthy and injury-free as possible.

I’ve been in love with the martial arts since I started Taekwondo at the age of 12, eventually leading me to earn my 1st degree black belt. Following this, I trained in a wide variety of arts, most notably Sanshou, BJJ, and Judo. I have competed in each of these arts on multiple levels, and have worked with a number of combat sport athletes on conditioning, injury prevention, and rehabilitation.