PROGRAMMING (with an emphasis on strength and power) Kostikiadis (2018), The Effect of Short-Term Sport-Specific Strength and Conditioning Training on Physical Fitness of Well-Trained Mixed Martial Arts Athletes!po=20.3125 Take-away: High-intensity, low-volume training appears to produce better aerobic and anaerobic power, maximal strength, and body composition changes in experienced fighters than circuit-style resistance training when […]

What is Training Load? Monitoring training load has been an increasingly common topic of discussion recently, especially with evidence coming to light regarding the efficacy of acute-to-chronic workload ratios for predicting injuries (Hulin, Bowen). Workload can be split into both external and internal components – roughly, external workload refers to the work that is actually […]

Today, I’ve assembled a handful of articles looking at 1) tools/methods for assessing training loads in combat sports (specifically Judo) as well as 2) applications of the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) as an injury screening tool in MMA and BJJ. Enjoy. Fitness (measuring training loads):   1. Agostinho, M. F., Philippe, A. G., Marcolino, G. […]